Community Townhalls

We conduct monthly Townhall meetings right here in our neighborhood; the West Oakland Library. Stay tuned for our monthly calendar for 2019!

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In Studios Interviews

Another way is VTV-Now! Veterans Television. This is our new show on a local Community Access Channels in the Bay Area. It’s all about vets, by vets!

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Walk Ins Welcome!

TVCMN can serve all veterans, older and those just out of the service. Oakland, Ca, has a high rate of vets that aren’t aware of their benefits as well as those who have pursued their benefits with little or no success. This leads to losses of income, housing and access to healthcare. TVCMN can train the vet to go onto the computer, set up accounts on the E-Benefits portal, monitor claims, health concerns, jobs and housing. This approach builds confidence in their ability to manage their affairs as well as have community support while doing so.

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To improve the lives of veterans through access to technology. Too many vets are at risk of losing housing, employment, health care and resources due to not being reintegrated in society properly. This takes community support. Support in the form of a resource center; a one-stop shop for the veteran’s needs. It takes ongoing support to insure the successful transition to, and quality of, civilian life. By providing referrals, computer classes, monthly town hall meetings and access to media and broadcasting, our vets can stay proactive in obtaining the resources and benefits they deserve.


TVCMN strives to becomes a one stop network of all veteran organizations in the East Bay providing the best possible service to our veterans.

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